• Most people can't get in with those numbers. Even my school has some standards, and we pre-screen numbers below 3.
  • ) The repetition is very helpful. I can't find a cheap flight to Cleveland and would hate to have to get a hotel room on top of it :/I do plan on accepting admission to the program.
  • 0-900,000 range for the total loan.
  • You must have also been at the top of the UC list to get accepted this early. K and Ca) and the only value that would adversely affected to a large degree by dilutional events (hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, etc.
  • I've been told a lot of the people who got called, externed at their program. If that's your position, then a PT shouldn't work anywhere other than a physical therapist-owned practice.
  • Can anyone comment on mount sinai in NY.
  • I don't get half of what they talk about.
  • So I repeated the Kaplan course and used Chad’s Videos and felt that I was learning much better compared to 1st attempt. 's on the interview trail with me, and this has been the same for applicants we've had interviewing these last couple of years.
  • My father is a software engineer and let me tell you it is far from stable. And I think the majority of this charter class chose MWU as a competitive option, and not their only choice.

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  1. Drexel University Interdepartmental Medical Sciences (IMS) - Masters in Medical Sciences (M. Yeap, as much as it stinks, it's happening.
  2. I know students can do things, but why do we have to be the leaders.
  3. I got a 30+ on my first exam, and went up four points the second time I took it, even though I just used the EK materials at home. Most of them will make excellent clinicians, researchers, and leaders.
  4. I signed up on the last day of late registration at the advice of a friend who teaches Kaplan's, said it would be good test-day practice and since it makes no difference I should write. First, it is important to ensure that you really know what the problem is, and how serious it is.
  5. They are all more or less obvious given the school's mission to create physician leaders both in research and academic medicine!
  6. The distribution list, which is a list of your selected programs, must be finalized in order for your application to be marked as complete. What I had set on doing was study all summer for the MCAT (new one) and take it in August of next year, finish up my fall and spring semesters and apply the next summer.
  7. Yesteryears there were 20-25/day so if they are interviewing for four days upto 100 people being short listed. Also, at Penn there is a nice community of MD/MBA's floating around in each class.
  8. Just realized when I got back to the states that I wanted to give medschool a shot. I've been told by more than a few people that the medical school is different, and I would like to believe them, but.
  9. While you think that it's very clear who's greedy, who's right and who's wrong, the legal examination is really complex, and involves specific contractual language and evidence that SAC acted in a specific way that can establish cause and effect between the information and the sell-out. People who do not pass use their 3rd year elective to study more, and arrangements have been made to go take an extensive board prep class.
  10. Nothing anybody says here will change how many interviews you are going to get, but if you stay positive and present yourself with the right attitude, you will surely be able to match at a very good program...
  11. Web address may also change with time so please make sure you are visiting the most current and official website of the program.
  12. And this year I heard they are changing up how they do interviews so it may take a little longer to hear since they have to get their ducks in a row.
  13. I often urge people to apply to as many as you possibly can. I wish they didn't feel the need to send these as secure messages.
  14. I want to find ways to make my transcript look better and increase my chances not the other way around. Lastly do you know how she would go about applying for such a position once we recieved orders.
  15. One of them even asked to see pictures of my dogs. Pretty sure I was a medical student where you both are doing residency?
  16. Did NYU send it though email or snail mail.
  17. Or maybe because all their patients continue to smoke and ruin your all their hard work. Got a call at work and was totally caught off guard.

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I don't know if it's the final fee after have the specialization recognized. They'll probably have a few sets for sale in the AMSA room in the lounge. The hotel is pretty close to University of Colorado compared to other hotels and also accessible by public transport. Very expensive way to do it, but I don't have much choice. Welp, it looks like my fears about a rate hike were justified. In units where scrubs are worn by physicians and nurses alike, they don't usually have lower pockets. Discussion in 'Hematology / Oncology' started by biobruin03, Apr 5, 2014. For clinical rotations, there are sites available in settings ranging from the Lower-East Side of Manhattan to the quasi-rural Danbury, CT. None of the places you mentioned were very competitive (even if they are solid programs).

What were your grades like.
" This makes no sense to me and I've looked all over their website where it says courses must be complete before matriculation.

Often you will need to work in an "area of need" if you're coming from overseas to work in Australia. Also, know your application front and back and be prepared to answer questions about it such as explaining certain grades you received. Some people were asked to move clothing with too many pockets!

Of course this is dependent on each class but from what I've seen of the older classes, they have a similar feel.

It's not a big name program but it has a big name director who is up and coming and is a great great surgeon? They fill 90% of their seats internally and through the articulation plan so if I don't go ED I might as well not even apply. I know a few programs that offer observerships but they require both step1 and 2. Studied probably 40 hours total, I'm not a good test taker so that was the right amount for me. If you do not want to mention, would you mind messaging me. I didn't receive a confirmation that it was submitted and I submitted on Friday so I am thinking the no confirmation is a normal thing.

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  18. Get/retain a doctors into d lac for females however sometimes but right now some places so.

But I think it will definitely be beneficial to those who are doing it. Talking to junior residents/interns is a really great resource. The school is considered "Candidate for Accreditation" and that it is only accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission as of now.

Thanks for that detailed post and good luck in your job hunt, I'm sure you'll find something suitable.

In response to the original thread question, my grandpa was a pharmacist as his first career choice, then in his mid 30's went to dental school and much preferred it over being a pharmacist. 1 year out, what steps to take to get into med schoolUCSF is my dream school and definitely my stretch school so I'm hoping for the best. WannabeaPA, Aug 8, 2005, in forum: Clinicians [ RN / NP / PA ]Awesome, because VMCAS told me that college designations are not revealed. You're 2 minutes late to and they let you know you're 2 minutes late.

And in my humble opinion, I submit that it is a more logical alternative to many of the subjective hear-say lists mentioned above. I agree he needs a regular sleep study first. T.

EDIT: I should've clarified, I'm from the GTA, not the heart of TorontoWhatever they may be, I think that conveying those connections to WVSOM and/or the surrounding community in this so-called "letter of interest" can help to separate you from other applicants. I'm fairly certain that's how we're supposed to sign up for hosting. We must also keep in mind, that MPs in Louisiana were prescribing since 2005 and "Advanced Practice MPs" did not come into existence until we moved to the medical board in 2009. Discussion in 'Dental Residents and Practicing Dentists' started by Greg_Jones, Sep 8, 2014. Then make your decision at that time based on reality and performance. Alamo4, DermViser, user3 and 1 other person like this. Jazzy80, MoonCrawlerVG, Mad Jack and 1 other person like this. This differs from state to state and is not applicable to all convictions. I pity the fools who rely on non-prescription Adderall, especially in undergradI do really hope they can see me as a applicant just not with my imperfect academic transcript. That means grades, leadership, and research (oh, and don't forget to have fun once in a while too ) Having a sound academic background of a solid GPA and a good MCAT score is pretty self explanatory, but the research and/or taking an early interest in plastic surgery is not. I don't want to fill the page listing each competency, but yes, all are reasonable and attainable. Then make your decision at that time based on reality and performance.

Graduate internship in training and development for a government agencySide note, received the waitlist letter in the mail today. Once again, things may have or may be changing but last I checked that was the case. There really is no best book/books but pick one or two and know them really well. Soooo, i didn't pass the exam :-( i was wondering if anyone can give any suggestions on how to prepare for next year. It seems as though I know you all by reading this thread everyday- MrsHopeful,Ionclaws, icecreamboogers,Sb247, Dapi to name a few. My evaluations and clinical performance are very high and in the "excellent" category.

Most places don't like people working over 24 hour shifts because fatigue starts to become a liability. And we wonder how the traditionally hospital acquired antibiotic resistant bugs are now becoming community acquired bugs. None of the places you mentioned were very competitive (even if they are solid programs). ) The repetition is very helpful. There actually seems to be an intent on their part to portray the program as being distinctly different from a doctoral psychology training curriculum. They are very nice and reply very fast as I have emailed them many times before for various questions related to admissions. A DO who does well in an allopathic psych residency will have no problem matching into a California psych fellowship, it just depends on where and what fellowship. I don't get half of what they talk about. Since I got the email after hours and called first thing in the morning.

Coastal Clinical Pathologists would like you to consider this opportunity to join their thriving practice which has served the southern New Jersey area since the 1970s.

8 or higher) post-bacc GPA would raise your overall and BCPM GPA.

I can't believe this is what I'm doing instead of catching a nap. And know that the hard work and sacrifices will be worth it in the end. From those I've talked to so far the average seems to be 6 hrs/weekday not including lectures with plenty doing more (8-10 hr/day + lecture). Marino doesn't generlaly preach anything in "conflict" with clinical evidence. Only 10% are from outside docs, but I'm working strongly to increase that %. Started spacing out and losing focus due to anxiety. If I were in your shoes I wouldn't add any more schools because I'd be confident enough with those stats to at least get a handful of interviews. What professional pharmacy organizations might I participate in at my school. None of the acceptance rates so far has been close to 70%.

It's in the acceptance letter you received by mail.

But the default is 3 letters, and there's no way for us to know whether or not there will be a 4th letter that would make a difference in the way the selection committee sees your application.
Didactics: Grand rounds once a week in the AM. I was told and I should start working on my application in October. Havent been on here in a few weeks but now that i amCan anyone who got into an Ireland dental school posts their stats.

  1. I really wish I was a 3rd year or younger as I think things will get even better in the next few years.
  2. Medical is all over the place (0-1400/mo)-What is your cost if your family is seen off base. Do I have a shot at the top places (HJD, HSS, Jeff).
  3. You can only compare scaled scores with scaled scores (which is the reason that scaled scores were created). UT Houston sent an email saying the received my application on 10/22Having experienced these things first hand as a new grad, I can say with confidence that this is the rule not the exception.
  4. If they already got some from another doctor, i dont give it. Read the following description of introversion and extraversion from the Myers-Briggs foundation website.
  5. Cycle 1 (2010-2011): cGPA: 3.
  6. Job placement unmatched on the West Coast, as has been mentioned on this forum.
  7. I am not able to explain discrepancies, just telling you what I see on my end. As the title suggests, do medical schools need to/would really like to see that an applicant has taken multiple upper level sciences.
  8. You may get paid more money working as a hospitalist in Canada or under specific conditions. I would strongly consider going on your DMU interview just to see...
  9. I don't know what else you expect us to say. I had such a hard time making up my mind, now I wish that I had done something else.
  10. I got a similar letter, though they said they couldn't consider me any more for entering class of 2014.
  11. I have excellent LOR, volunteer experience, leadership experience, in both undergrad (psychology major) and med school, have US clinical experience, and have been very psych oriented since the beginning... What if I knew this other person highly preferred my site and I had a higher preference for the other.
  12. I wouldn't waste money on financial advisers of any kind, including GL advisers. Dhb, I would have said C too (or maybe A, since those heat lamps they use on kids is very effective).
  13. You won't receive the packet with immunizations, background check details etc until the deposit is paid. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Coursework is pre-determined for students on the regular (4 year) program.
  14. I just finished a 4 year OB GYN residency and overall it was fine.
  15. It's both, think of it like a spring. I took a research-based developmental genetics course, anatomy (comparative, upper level, took after mammalian anatomy), developmental plant anatomy, a biopharmacology course, ecology of infectious disease and evolution.